About us

Before we started The Fourth Gentlemen, we were a husband and wife working in Corporate America. One night at our kitchen table we realized that our lifestyle was out of touch with our values and it was time to reset. The goal was simple: start a company that can support the basic needs of our family while allowing us ample time to pursue philanthropic activities.

Over the course of that evening the basic pillars of our mission began to take shape and The Fourth Gentlemen was born with two thoughts in mind; everyone should have the freedom to express their own unique individuality and we must consume in a more environmentally responsible way.

The root of our brand can be traced to four sacred plants often portrayed in Chinese art. Known as The Four Gentlemen, these plants have come to represent key attributes of good citizenry and the fourth of these stately specimens, Bamboo, is the one we found the most in line with our values. Within this tradition, bamboo represents humility, integrity, and strength as well as tolerance and open-mindedness.

Additionally, bamboo is a renewable resource that grows fast and in many different geographical areas. Bamboo is actually a form of grass, so harvesting it means simply cutting it which does not harm the earth from which it grows. Furthermore, it has very dense growth keeping the need for dedicated area to a minimum. The versatility of bamboo, its green characteristics and the symbolic nature it embodies captures our vision for The Fourth Gentlemen.

It will be our mission to promote these ideas through our products and your generous patronage. With each pair of sunglasses purchased two trees will be planted in areas desperate for restoration. Also, we are partnering with many foundations to donate both time and funds that have a similar mission. You can see the foundations we are partnering with on our home page and we are always looking to grow the list. Finally, we will continue to innovate and offer bamboo alternative products that allow you to express yourself in a way that supports what you believe in!